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AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM REGISTRATION OPEN - Did you know the Y offers afterschool at the following locations:  Aquadale, Badin, Endy, Locust, Richfield, Stanfield, West Stanly Middle, and the Y Pavilion. Read More 

STANLY COUNTY FAMILY YMCA RENOVATION SCHEDULED - The Y has renovation scheduled for the following areas during the month of September - Minnie's Place, Gym/Track, and Racquetball Courts. Due to this renovation, we will need to close and relocate programs/services during that time. Please be aware of the closing schedule. Relocation of services/programs will be posted in September.

STANLY COUNTY FAMILY YMCA LOCKER ROOM POLICY - Please be aware of the Stanly County Family YMCA locker room policy. Read More 


Group Exercise Classes

N=No Impact  L=Low Impact HI=High Impact M=Moderate

BODY SCULPTING:  Participants use hand weights and resistance trubing to engage all major muscle groups.  N

BUNNS - N- GUNNS: 40 minutes of strength training for the arms and glutes.  N

CARDIO COMBO:  Traditional aerobics combined with strength training. HI

CIRCUIT TONING: 45 minutes of a supervised total body strength training class using selectorized equipment.  Class meets on the 3rd floor. N

CYCLE-X: Join a group instructor for a virtual cycling experience using stationary bikes.  Class will also incorporate the use of hand weights to engage all major muscle groups. N

CYCLE/ABS: A combination of 45 minutes of cardio activity on stationary bike and 15 minutes of abdominal training on the exercise mats. N

CYCLING:  A virtual cycling experinece led by a group instructor using stationary bikes.  Participants pedal through speed and resistance workout.  N

CYCLE/ABS: Combination of 45 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of ab work. N

EXTREME PERSONAL TRAINING (XPT): Personal training in a group exercise format.  This 30 minute class will take you through strength training with a cardio twist.  Not recommended to anyone new to strength training.  HI

FLEX-N-STRETCH: 30 minute class devoted entirely to a total body stretch.  Participants are encouraged to warm up prior to class.  Designed for all levels.  N

Older Adult

LINE DANCING: One hour fun filled workout filled with a variety of line dances.  Designed to be easy on the joints.  L

LITE-N-EASY: Low impact aerobics class designed for the beginner exerciser or members interested in a complete but less intense exercise experience.  L

PILATES:  A variety of stretching and strengthening exercises designed for all levels of fitness. N

POWER SCULPT: Group strength training class designed to challenge all major muscle groups in one hour.  N

STEP BASIC:  High intensity step class.  Recommended for beginners to advanced participants.  HI

TRX: Total Resistance eXercise - Total body workout incorporating the use of suspension straps and your body weight.  This 45 minute class will offer cadio, strength, and flexibility components. M

YOGA:  Yoga means union of spirit, mind, and body.  In this class you will utilize breathing techniques to calm the mind, poses to build strength, flexibility, balance, and concentration.  N

RESTORATIVE YOGA: A quiet practice that will guide you through postures that will help improve joint flexibility and range of motion. N

YIN-YASA: 60 minute class that incorporates a dynamic Vinyasa yoga flow followed by a deep release Yin flow.  Gain strength, improve flexibility and decompress with this yoga. N


ZUMBA:  A dance based aerbics class utilizing Latin and international music and moves to motivate participants in a dance party class environment.  M

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. We make every effort to ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay. Click to read more about our Open Door Scholarship Program for financial assistance.